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Bader Wing

By John Frayn Turner

ISBN: 9781840371260
PUBLISHED: October 1999
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x135 mm

This book reveals the fascinating story of the charismatic Wing Commander and the five squadrons which he led. The story is set against the broader canvas and controversy of the Big Wing.

The tactics and strategy favouring the Wing are forcibly argued by the author, who comes down heavily on the side of Bader the man, whose outspoken views and forceful personality made the Wing possible.

A welcome reprint of the 1981 book, which reveals the story behind the charismatic Bader and the five squadrons he led, which became known as 'The Big Wing'. - FLYPAST

The Bader Wing was first published in 1981. Dealing with 12 Group and its important contribution to the Battle of Britain, it includes contributions from many of the pilots, and the author had access to the logs recording every single sortie flown by every pilot in the group. This is a good opportunity to acquire this volume if you missed the first edition. - AEROPLANE

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