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Airymouse:- An Airlife Classic

By Harald Penrose

ISBN: 9781840371444
PUBLISHED: February 2000
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x135 mm

Harald Penrose made his first flight in 1919 with Alan Cobham in an AVRO 504K. There followed a long and distinguished career in aviation mainly as a test pilot. During this period he flew many unusual types such as the tail-less Pterodactyl, the Whirlwind and the Wyvern. In later years he became recognised as one of the finest aviation writers in the country.

This book describes flights in 'Airymouse' - A diminutive single seater aeroplane of significant horse power - which he bought in his retirement. He sets out to recapture earlier times in his life when he first experienced the pure enjoyment of flight. He brilliantly communicates his love of England, its landscape and history, and of the birds who share with him the freedom of the air. It is pure enjoyment for all with a love of flying - Harald Penrose at his inimitable best.

This delightful account of flying in a very small aeroplane was first published in 1967. Now it has been deservedly re-published in the 'Airlife Classic' series. . . The author might be called England's answer to Saint-Exupry in his ability to describe the enjoyment of pure flight. A book not of great adventures, but of simple pleasures. - THE LOG

Under the 'Airlife Classic' banner, Westland test-pilot Harald Penrose's wonderful series of tales about his life in 'retirement' with glimpse's of his previous and wide-ranging experience is available again to what is bound to be an appreciative new audience . . . Quite simply this is a 'must have' title. - FLYPAST

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