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Air Battle For Malta

By James Douglas-Hamilton

ISBN: 9781840371451
PUBLISHED: November 2000
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 240x172 mm
INSIDE: b/w photographs throughout the text

For both the Axis and the Allied Powers, Malta was a vital key to victory - not only in the Mediterranean, but in North Africa and the Middle East as well. In this new paperback edition of this highly-praised book, The Air Battle For Malta, James Douglas-Hamilton provides one of the most intriguing and realistic accounts of the struggle for possession of the island, a fight to the death which lasted two-and-a-half years, during which time 14,000 tons of bombs were dropped on a defiant population.

The book is based largely on the diaries of Lord David Douglas-Hamilton, the author's uncle, who was sent out to Malta as a Spitfire Squadron Leader at a time when the island was sustaining heavier bombing than London at the height of the Blitz, and the Axis forces were preparing for invasion.

The author's scrupulous research, combined with his uncle's uniquely authoritative viewpoint, vividly recreates the period, the comradeship and the grimness of life on the beleaguered island. The air battle, which was the second largest of the entire war, involved some of the most famous fighter aces of World War II, including 'Screwball' Beurling and Laddie Lucas. They all played a vital part in what proved to be one of the greatest defensive and strategic operations of all time, and their exploits, along with those of many others, are recorded here, a reminder of their indomitable spirit in the face of appalling odds.

. . . undeniably, a 'good read'; the recollections of combats are exciting and the many first-hand accounts convey an air of authenticity which evokes something of the backs-to-the-wall desperation of the times. This atmosphere is greatly amplified by almost 100 well-reproduced period photographs, mostly drawn from the IWM. - RAF HISTORICAL SOCIETY This is a well-written, convincing and vivid account of one of the world's great aerial battles. - PILOT . . . this well-known work is now back in print as a budget paperback under the 'Airlife Classic' banner. Based upon the diaries of the Author's uncle, this is a well-illustrated, well-written insight into a Spitfire pilot's experiences on the beleaguered island. - FLYPAST

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