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Edged Weapons Of Hitler's Germany

By Robin Lumsden

ISBN: 9781840371598
PUBLISHED: March 2001
PAGES: 184
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 177 photographs, 11 line drawings

Hitler's Germany produced the largest selection of official edged weaponry ever authorised by a State for its military, political and civil organisations. Given the uniform-dominated nature of the Third Reich, it is perhaps not surprising that these weapons have never been surpassed in either variety or quality.

They have been widely collected since the end of the Second World War, which has lead to rising prices and a flood of reproduction and fake pieces in the market place.

This book will be invaluable in assisting those in possession of Nazi edged weapons to identify and value them. New collectors will be guided on where to buy daggers etc., how to spot the fakes and how much to pay. The author has drawn on over twenty-five years of experience collecting Third Reich militaria. The book includes detailed photographs illustrating the various patterns of weapon, and these pictures are supplemented by plates taken from contemporary Nazi manufacturers' sales catalogues and photos of edged weapons in wear during the Third Reich.

This book includes the following areas of Nazi edged weaponry: daggers, swords, bayonets and knives of the army, navy, air force, SA, SS, other paramilitary organisations, the Diplomatic Corps, police, fire service, customs service, railways and the Red Cross.

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