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Airlines Of The Orient

By John K. Morton

ISBN: 9781840371710
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 270x230 mm
INSIDE: Full colour throughout

The mysteries of the East have fascinated travellers for centuries. Shanghai, Manila, Canton Ð names that conjure pictures of oriental spices and silks, of wild mountains and forests, names that once set intrepid seafarers on voyages that could last years and cost their very lives.

We now talk in the terms of hours and luxurious airliners that will fly us, as if on a magic carpet, to the wonders of the furthermost Asian Continent.

Here is a colourful guide to the airlines and aircraft that fly the Oriental skies. From the long-haul giants that traverse the Himalayan heights and vast Pacific Ocean to the busy commuter regional jets Ð it is a superb collection of aviation photography to whet the palate of all enthusiasts.

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