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International Directory Of Military Aircraft 200/2001

By Gerard Frawley

ISBN: 9781840371734
PUBLISHED: April 2000
PAGES: 220
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x210 mm
INSIDE: Over 300 colour photographs

This superb volume features 280 individual types and their many variants in this comprehensive biennial directory of the world's military aircraft fleet.

Until now, aviation reference directories have concentrated solely on the 'still in production' types. What this book does is to include every military aircraft still in service in addition to listing the very latest types available. From the Phantom to the Raptor, from trainers to helicopters, from fighters and special mission aircraft to transport and maritime patrol, they are all here under one cover. Also included is a fleet inventory of the world's air arms. An indispensable reference work, this volume will prove an invaluable asset to any aviation library.

Altogether, 313 different aircraft are covered in this excellent publication. . . Like its sister volume on airliners, this is altogether a workmanlike reference book - a mine of accurate information - this time on the world's military aircraft. - PILOT

This is an extremely useful quick-reference book covering the ever-changing scene of modern military aviation. AEROPLANE

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