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Vital Guide:- Modern Warships

By Leo Marriot

ISBN: 9781840371772
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 210x148 mm
INSIDE: 178 colour photographs

By nature, the modern warship must basically fight in three separate environments - on the surface of the sea, under the surface and in the air above.

This is a concise, detailed and colour-illustrated guide to modern warships from around the world.

To give a balanced picture it is not only the major vessels that are described but also representative examples of smaller craft such as fast corvettes, attack craft and mine sweepers. For convenience and ease of reference the ships are grouped according to the following broad classifications -

Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Major Warships, Destroyers and Frigates, Small Warships, Amphibious Warfare and Logistic Support Vessels. Details include Displacement, Length, Draught, Power Plant, Speed and Range, Complement, Missiles Carried, Guns and Sensors.

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