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Medals And Decorations Of Hitler's Germany

By Robin Lumsden

ISBN: 9781840371789
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 116 colour photos, 53 b/w photos, 30 line drawings

Adolf Hitler held power in Germany for twelve years, but during that relatively short period his regime produced the country's first and only complete range of truly national orders and decorations. These were destined to have a significant effect on the design of military and civil awards in other parts of the world, including USA and USSR, which unashamedly based many of their combat badges on those of the Third Reich.

This is the first book to cover the subject of Nazi awards comprehensively and chronologically in a single volume. Wherever it has been possible original examples of the decorations concerned have been photographed. However, only about half of the genuine pieces were available for photography and in these instances line drawings or surviving plates from Dr Doehle's official wartime archive have been employed to illustrate the various designs.

The book includes: Imperial & state awards, 1914-1918, veteran and Freikorps awards, 1919-1933, military decorations, ribbons, miniatures, medals in wear, cases and packets, citations, makers' and designers' marks, chronology of Third Reich awards, how awards were won, where to obtain Third Reich decorations, price guide and post-1945 reproductions.

. . . what Mr Lumsden has actually done with this work is to provide collectors with a reference many will regard as essential. . . an excellent reference for the collector which may very well become one of the 'standards'. . . - MAX GAZETTE

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