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Day Of The Typhoon

By John Golley

ISBN: 9781840371819
PUBLISHED: September 2000
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x135 mm
INSIDE: b/w photographs

Reading more like fiction than fact, and a fast-moving action-packed novel of war at that, this account of rocket Typhoon operations over Normandy in the weeks immediately following the D-Day Invasion of Europe is all the more enthralling for its authenticity.

Written by a former ground attack pilot who flew 73 missions with 245 Squadron over Northern France in 1944-5, the book has all the immediacy of a first-hand account of the action, excitement, terror and the camaraderie experienced by a close ground support squadron 'moving up the line'. In thoses few dramatic weeks, when the fate of Europe hung in the balance, when Allied forces struggled to establish the crucial foothold on the bloody beaches and fields of Normandy, it was the daring and courage of the pilots who fought the vital air-to-ground battles which guaranteed th esuccess of the Invasion.

Captivating reading. Recommended. - RAF HISTORICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL

This highly-readable reprint, which first appeared in hardback form in 1986, is a first-class account of flying tank-busting Hawker Typhoons and will remain a lasting tribute those who undertook this highly-dangerous work, including Golley himself. Well worth re-reading or taking a first stab at it. AIR PICTORIAL

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