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War Atlas Of Asia And The Pacific 1941-1945

By David Smurthwaite

ISBN: 9781840371925
PUBLISHED: February 2000
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x178 mm
INSIDE: 65 colour maps and b/w photographs

The dominant theatres of operations during World War II were the Far East and Pacific, and Europe and North Africa. Great Britain, Russia and the United States fought against facism in the European and African theatres, while Great Britain and the United States, with a last minute entry by the Russians, also fought against Japan in the Far East and Pacific.

While these theatres generated their own objectives and momentum, they were not entirely independent. The Allies were forced to perform a balancing act with scarce military resources, attempting to meet the priorities of each theatre as the situation demanded.

The war in the Pacific was a war of two broad phases. During the first phase the Japanese were everywhere victorious and the Allies suffered a succession of military defeats involving the loss of much of the territory they had held before December 1941. In the second phase the Allies first checked the Japanese, and then began a sustained offensive which by the end of hostilities had reached the threshold of the Japanese home islands.

. . . a valuable reference book and a source of fascination for World War II historians. AIR-BRITAIN DIGEST

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