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Disasters In The Air

By Jan Bartelski

ISBN: 9781840372045
PUBLISHED: March 2001
PAGES: 272
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 48 b/w photographs, + maps and diagrams

One of the most irritating habits of the modern news media is the expectation of instant explanations to complex problems.

A frequent subject of this expectation concerns major air disasters, calamities that always require careful examination of the facts, equipment and wreckage which by the nature of their complexity takes months, if not years to solve. Many of these tragedies remain unsolved, or the enquiry results doubtful, to say the least. Some of the more challenging of these flying accidents provide the basis of this book.

Within 12 chapters, Jan Bartelski, a renowned aircraft accident investigator, looks at some of the more interesting puzzles that have confronted investigation teams during the last 60 years. His explanations are carefully researched, and often introduce new science that was not available to the accident investigators at the time of the enquiry. It is fascinating reading and throws new light on many baffling air disasters of the past.

The twelve 'mysterious' accidents described and analysed in Bartolski's book have caused much speculation and irresponsible theorising by 'experts' for many years. Bartolski has attempted to unravel each accident and has, I think, convincingly put to rest many of the absurd theories postulated by tabloid journalists, aviation pundits and the like. - WINGSPAN The author of this book ended a long career in aviation as a captain on KLM DC-10s so his credentials for writing this accident compendium are second to none. He covers 12 accidents through the 300 pages. . . Each is reviewed and assessed in a most readable professional style and the result is a book which broadens and enthusiast's interest without the often expansive text of an accident report, but with sufficient detail to improve on the more shallow books released in recent years on aircraft accidents. - AIR PICTORIAL Another excellent, albeit inevitably somewhat sombre and on occasion seriously thought-provoking, offering from this high-quality imprint and discussing in very considerable detail the circumstances leading up to such high-profile accidents as the crash of the Duke of Kent's flying boat, the death of General Sikorski, the Staines Trident, the Kegworth 737, etc, etc. . . His qualifications for writing this book are legion - a near 40 year career in military and civil aviation, President of IFALPA, and a deal of practical experience in post-crash analysis. Very strongly recommended. - AIRWAYS

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