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VCs Of The Air

By John Frayn Turner

ISBN: 9781840372342
PUBLISHED: February 2001
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x135 mm

There were thirty-two VCs of the air during the Second World War, yet how many of their names are known today?

We have all heard of the exploits of Guy Gibson and Leonard Cheshire, but every one of the VCs of the air is associated with deeds equally daring and courageous.

In these pages you will read of the forgotten VCs like Kenneth Campbell, who torpedoed the Gneisnau in the harbour of Brest from a height of 50 feet, racing between the flak ships at mast height; William Reid, whose citation reads: 'Wounded in two attacks, without oxygen, suffering severely from cold, his navigator dead, his wireless operator fatally injured, his aircraft crippled and defenceless, he showed superb courage and leadership in penetrating a further 200 miles into enemy territory to attach one of the most strongly defended targets in Germany'; Flight Sergeant Middleton whose 'devotion to duty in the face of overwhelming odds is unsurpassed in the annals of the Royal Air Force.' to quote from the official citation.

VCs of the Air reflects the whole war in the air more graphically than any impersonal history could do. The story starts in the days before Dunkirk, and finishes a few days before the atom bombs were dropped on Japan.

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