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Russian Air Power:- 21st Century Aircraft, Weapons and Strategy

By Yefim Gordon , Alan Dawes

ISBN: 9781840372403
PUBLISHED: April 2002
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 304 colour photographs

This book deals with the current state of the Russian Air Arm, explaining its structure and Order of Battle in the light of recent reorganisations. There are chapters dealing with the Strategic Bomber Force, the Military Airlift Command, the Tactical Arm, the Naval Air Arm, and the Training and Support Command.

The book also includes accounts of the First and Second Chechen Wars and the major military exercises. The author has included brief descriptions of all aircraft types currently being operated and their armament plus the latest details of experimental aircraft.

Praise for Yefim Gordons books on the MiG-29 Fulcrum and SU-27 FlankerYefim Gordon has emerged to become an acknowledged expert on Soviet military aviation, and his knowledge of these two Russian fighters, both conceived to meet complementary roles, is astonishing. The development history of each type is traced minutely, and one is tempted to say that this degree of detail would be unavailable for a book on any contemporary Western fighter aircraft. Excellent reading and highly recommended. - Air Britain DigestThese two books offer the most comprehensive account in English of what are, arguably, Russias most significant warplanes of all time. Highly recommended. - Airforces Monthly

Reviews . . . an excellently written reference book on the Russian Air Force and its aircraft that will be of value to the serious historian and interested layman alike. Highly recommended. - AIR INTERNATIONAL

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