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Douglas Propliners:- DC-1 to DC-7

By Arthur Pearcy

ISBN: 9781840372472
PUBLISHED: June 2000
PAGES: 172
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 264x209 mm
INSIDE: 12 pages colour photographs

Arthur Pearcy's book is the first comprehensive volume to over the legendary Douglas Propliners. The aircraft were manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Corporation which was established in California by Donald Wills Douglas.

The series began with the DC-1 in 1933 but only one of these was built. A modified version containing two extra seats and known as the DC-2 followed shortly afterwards. The most famous of the series was the DC-3. Known in Britain as the Dakota, this model brought unheard of prosperity to the major airlines of the world during a period of worldwide depression. The DC-4, which flew in 1942, became involved in World War II, and was the unsung workhorse of the post-war airline period.

The success of the DC-5 was short-lived and only twelve were built and in April 1947 the DC-6 went into service. The series ended with the DC-7 which was launched in 1953 and in the final version was the DC-7C which appeared in 1956. Maticulously researched and written with the full co-operation of the Douglas Aircraft Company, Douglas Propliners contains a wealth of material - both factual and photographic.

A re-issue of Arthur Pearcy's highly-recommended and exhaustive history of the piston-engined Douglas airliners. - AIR-BRITAIN DIGEST A welcome reprint in card covers of the hardback version which appeared in 1995. AIR PICTORIAL

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