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'FOBS KID' Syndrome:- Vulcan Bombers In Action

By Barry Goodwin

ISBN: 9781840372663
PAGES: 140
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 20 b/w photographs, 12 pages colour

Why Fob's Kid? When Britain's force of V-Bombers passed on the burden of delivering the nuclear deterrent to the Royal Navy's submarine fleet, the RAF was left with a feeling of impotence as their heavy bomber fleet took on their new role of low-level interdiction.

'Fed On Bull Shit and Kept In the Dark' - that was the feeling of the men who flew and maintained the mighty Avro Vulcans as they endured a continual succession of alerts and dispersal exercises or sudden departures to unknown destinations for indeterminate periods of time

This book is written by a Crew Chief who served throughout this difficult time. His experiences, as the man who virtually mothered his own assigned aircraft, are full of fascinating detail about the preparation, care and operation of the Vulcan bomber - the most popular of the V-Bomber force. What were they like to fly? How was an emergency scramble performed? What happens when an aircraft in your care catches fire on start-up and it's fully bombed-up? All the answers are here, plus many insights into RAF life at the time, explained and expressed in the wry style of a sideways wink.

This is a fascinating book, of particular interest to those, both air and ground crew, who gave much of their youth and some of their middle-age, to manning the Vulcan nuclear deterrent in the 1960s and '70s. . . the book is illustrated with some twenty-seven of the best colour photographs of Vulcans (mostly XH558) I have ever seen. . . If you were there at the time, you will enjoy the author's anecdotes and the accuracy of his descriptions.If you are just interested in this era the book is an excellent read. - RAF HISTORICAL SOCIETY This book, seen through the eyes of a crew chief, captures what it was like to be the 'inventory holder' of this mighty delta-winged aircraft, and describes in detail the sometimes mind-numbing mechanical complexities of keeping them flying. . . Descriptions in this volume of tactical bombing exercises, QRAs and overseas detachments give a clear indication of the high workload and stress involved in this profession. Also included are other stories and anecdotes of being on a bomber squadron in the 1970s, with both humorous and poignant moments recounted. It is a well written, interesting work that is worth reading. - AIR PICTORIAL

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