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Operational Flying:- A Professional Pilot's Manual Based on Joint Airworthiness Requirements

By Philip Croucher

ISBN: 9781840372953
PUBLISHED: September 2001
PAGES: 400
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 218x150 mm

This book has very little to do with flying but everything to do with being a pilot - and the sort of training and information you need after you get your licence, but don't always get.

Certainly, no one tells you that aviation runs on paperwork, and that you need to be a bit of a lawyer just to read the regulations. Flying schools don't teach interview techniques either!

If you work, or are going to work for a small charter company, or in the corporate field, this book is mainly written with you in mind, but those working in larger outfits (like airlines) should still benefit.

For more experienced pilots, it is hoped that some of the tips and tricks will make your job that much easier. It will be especially useful to operations staff, who often have to put themselves in a pilot's shoes.

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