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Hurricanes Over Murmansk:- An Airlife Classic

By John Golley

ISBN: 9781840372984
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x135 mm
INSIDE: b/w photographs

At 11 o'clock on Saturday 21 June 1941, Adolf Hitler gave the momentous order for 'Operation Barbarossa' to be put into action. Within 24 hours the invasion of Russia was under way, utilizing the well co-ordinated tactics which had already devastated Poland and the low countries

As the Red Army fell back in full-scale retreat, Stalin's pleas for British help fell on sympathetic ears in Downing Street, but organising aid and the vital supply convoys that Britain badly needed herself took time.

On 27 July, Churchill agreed to a plan to send two squadrons of RAF Hurricanes to protect the vital ice-free port of Murmansk - essential to the safe unloading of future convoys.

This is the incredible, hitherto untold story of those two squadrons, Nos 81 and 134, suddenly plucked from Britain to the defence of Russia, and their spirited resistance to the Nazi onslaught.

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