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Glider Pilot's Manual [3rd Edition]

By Ken Stewart

ISBN: 9781840373028
PUBLISHED: February 2001
PAGES: 324
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 220x150 mm
INSIDE: Line diagrams throughout

Most glider pilots are trained by part-time instructors who do not always have the time to impart all the necessary back-up theory to their students. This manual is intended not only to supply some of this information, but also to give a broader picture of where the training is leading. It includes the exercise plans of all the main training exercises which one can expect to complete before flying solo.

After the first solo flight one then progresses towards the principal objective of the sport, soaring. The soaring section in this manual is designed to carry on from the basic training. This manual gives all the information required to safely progress to a reasonable stage of soaring proficiency.

The book is clear, concise, logical and above all interesting. - SAILPLANE & GLIDER

Ken Stewart. . .has impeccable credentials to write an exhaustive glider pilot's manual which is obviously of greatest benefit to ab initio and later trainees, also has plenty of value for experienced pilots. . .In 310 pages he takes the reader through almost every conceivable aspect of theory of flight, basic flying training and soaring. . .Ken Stewart's labours must have been immense and in so far as the market is finite and relatively small, it is largely a labour of love. If you buy this book, you'll not only add a bible to your bookshelf but see that Ken earns some due reward. - PILOT

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