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Questions and Answers For The Private Pilot's License:- 3rd Edition

By Brett Holden , Graham Budden

ISBN: 9781840373066
PUBLISHED: October 2002
PAGES: 384
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 218x150 mm
INSIDE: Line drawings

3rd Edition by Peter Godwin and Graham Hocking.These practice examination papers have been prepared for students studying for the Private Pilot's License (A) and (H) and the IMC Rating.

They are all based on the style and content found in the Civil Aviation Authority examination papers.

There is a comprehensive answer and reference section. Most publications only show the correct answer, never why.The reference section gives the reader the means to find out why an answer is correct. The book should be seen not only as a self-test mechanism but as a learning tool. The answer section of the book is completely cross referenced to the Air Pilot's Manual Series.

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