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Amy Johnson:- Enigma In The Sky

By David Luff

ISBN: 9781840373196
PUBLISHED: March 2002
PAGES: 384
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 90 b/w photographs

Adoration surrounded Amy Johnson throughout most of the 1930s. Around the world men and women admired this young girl who had flown solo from England to Australia in a small single-engined biplane, a girl with less than one hundred hours flying experience.

In an age when true emancipation was not the norm for women, she proved to be forceful and single-minded in many circumstances. At an early age she fell in love with a man several years her senior and pursued him relentlessly for six long years. Finally he left her. She was distraught and turned to aviation as if on the rebound.

Her aviation successes soon brought her to the public eye and she was feted wherever she went and entered the realms of a Hollywood-like existence with the rich and famous. In 1932 she married the flamboyant aviator Jim Mollinson, also an aviation legend. For six years they made record-breaking flights together and lived the high life of the 30s. However, the marriage eventually failed in 1938. This was now a period of reflection for Amy who desperately wanted to escape from the whirl of public life, yet pined for continued admiration for her flying skills.

This is a thorough look at the life of emotional ups and downs, including another tilt at the 'Death Scene' saga. Plenty of first-hand accounts and - vital for such a work - a good and 'workable' index. Very likely the last word on this ever-appealing subject. - FLYPAST

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