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Aerodynamics, Engines & Systems for the Professional Pilot

By David Robson

ISBN: 9781840373301
PUBLISHED: April 2001
PAGES: 352
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 220x150 mm
INSIDE: Diagrams throughout

This manual has been written to meet the demands of the aviation training industry for a suitable reference text which can be used by students who are preparing for the Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) written examination.The subjects covered in this manual are summarised below:

Advanced Aerodynamicsincluding: Revision Aerodynamics; Transonic Aerodynamics; Performance Considerations.

Turbine Powerplants and Associated Systemsincluding: Gas Turbine Theory; Turbofan Engines; Turboprop Engines; Fuel Systems; Engine Systems

Airframe Systemsincluding: Flight Control Systems; Actuating Systems; Landing Gear; Environmental Control; Ice and Rain Protection; Electrical Systems.

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