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US Special Operations Command In Action

By Patrick Allen

ISBN: 9781840373370
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 276x219 mm
INSIDE: 150 colour photographs

When the colossus of America's military might is brought to bear on miscreant nations, the spearhead troops first into action are those of US Special Operation Command.

These ┼Żlite fighting units are honed to perfection in the art of clandestine warfare and can operate in every conceivable geographical location, reacting rapidly to a wide range of challenges. They utilise the most modern military equipment to fight on land and sea or in the air. This book transports you into their hidden secret world where you will join them skydiving through the night, making underwater forays into hostile territories or guiding allied fighting aircraft on their precision target sorties. Don't look round - you never know who's there!

The war on terror has seen US special forces in demand like never before. Understandably much of these warfighters operational work remains shrouded in secrecy so any insight into this elite world makes interesting reading. The author explains the organisational structure of US special forces and the training required to join these units, which includes the 75th Ranger Regiment (Airborne), US Navy SEALs and US Marine Corps Special Operations Capable Units. The book uses an extensive amount of colour photographs to show these soldiers in training, while significant coverage is also provided to the aviation elements with their highly modified helicopters and Hercules aircraft. Aviation News

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