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Pursuit Through Darkened Skies:- An Ace Night -Fighter Crew in World War II

By Michael Allen

ISBN: 9781840373554
PUBLISHED: July 1999
PAGES: 368
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 30 photographs

When Michael Allen 'crewed up' with Harry White in August 1941, it was the start of a fur-year partnership as navigator and pilot respectively; together they formed one of the RAF's top-scoring night-fighter crews of World War II.

Known in the night-fighter world as 'Mike Allen', his job was to operate the primitive airborne interception equipment (AI) and guide Harry 'through darkened skies' until his pilot could see the enemy aircraft ahead of them.

. . . a magnificent book which shows how the art of flying combined with the science of radar (Serrate) made a powerful weapon in the hands of those aircrew who knew what they were doing, against enemy night fighters threatening out bomber streams over Germany. His crystal clear explanations of the way Serrate and other radar devices work, alongside his ability to relate personal experiences in the air and on the ground make it fascinating and compelling reading. - THE MOSSIE

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