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How Airliners Fly:- A Passenger's Guide

By Julien Evans

ISBN: 9781840373608
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 230x143 mm
INSIDE: Colour illustrations throughout

Your seat back is in its full upright position and your hand luggage is stowed neatly under the seat. But as the engines roar and propel the aircraft down the runway, you cant help wondering: how is a 200,000-pound metal tube possibly going to get airborne? Are those rumbles you hear and bumps you feel normal?

For those who want to know more about how an airliner flies, airline Captain Julien Evans, an experienced Boeing 757 pilot who has comforted many a nervous passenger, answers these questions and more. He describes in simple language the makeup of a modern plane, its engines, controls and operational systems. Evans also explains the physical forces at work as a plane takes flight and the methods by which a pilot controls it while aloft and at the critical moments of take-off and landing.

How Airliners Fly takes the mystery out of airline travel, satisfying the curious and calming the uncomfortable.

Julian Evans has used his consummate skill as a writer, together with his considerable expertise as a pilot to describe everything the average passenger might want to know about airliners and their operations. Straightforward, everyday language is used to make it simple for the layman to understand. Alongside this, numerous illustrations and photographs are used to excellent effect. How Airliners Fly is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in airliner operations. Air International

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