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Combat Legend:- B-17 Flying Fortress

By Martin Bowman

ISBN: 9781840373653
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 16 pages colour photos & profiles, plus design plans & b/w photos through text

This heavy bomber was used by the US Army Air Corps for daylight raids over enemy-occupied Europe during World War II. The long flights to and from the targets were costly in terms of crews and aircraft lost. In the early days there were no supporting fighter aircraft with sufficient range to protect the bomber fleets from German defending squadrons. Their only form of defence was to fly in tight formation and outgun any attacking Luftwaffe fighters by bringing their massive firepower to bear on intruders.

Over 8,500 Fortresses were built. They were mainly deployed in Europe, flying with the 8th Air Force, although some saw action in the Far East and a small number were flown by the Royal Air Force with both Bomber and Coastal Commands. This is the perfect introductory book for the general reader, enthusiast and modeller alike wishing to find a succinct yet detailed introduction to the design and history of the Flying Fortress. Why was the aircraft conceived? What was it like to fly on a mission? Who were the people who designed it and became famous for flying it? What were its virtues and vices? These and many more questions are answered here, plus a host of illustrations that show variations of colour schemes used in different operational theatres and rare photographs taken when the heat was on.

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