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Silent Invader:- A Glider Pilot's Story of the Invasion of Europe in WWII

By Alexander Morrison

ISBN: 9781840373684
PUBLISHED: August 2002
PAGES: 168
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: B/w photographs

This is the wartime autobiography of one of the first officers to join the British Army's Glider Pilot Wing, a unique force that was at the forefront of the invasion of France and Holland in 1944.

The author takes the reader through the 'D-Day' invasion and describes the exacting tasks given to the regiment, tasks that provided a major contribution to the success of the sea landings. Three months later he flew into Arnhem to deliver the Airborne Anti-tank Battery. That achieved, his pilots formed a fighting unit to take part in the battle for the main bridge. Sadly, the planned relief by advancing British forces failed to materialise and the army pilots found themselves fighting for survival behind enemy lines.

Eventually Morrison was captured and suffered in the hands of the Gestapo. After three months he was transferred to a large aircrew PoW camp where hehelped to bring about the overthrow of the guards.The arrival of Russian forces delayed his final evacuation and created many hair-raising episodes before final freedom and a return to England became possible.

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