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Vital Guide:- Battles Of The American Civil War

By Jonathan Sutherland

ISBN: 9781840373752
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 230x143 mm
INSIDE: Colour & b/w illustrations, colour maps

"Authoritative mini-reference packed with information and colour illustrations - Covers over 60 battles"

Civil War - always the most heartrending experience for any nation. America's was no different, families split asunder, brother fighting brother - but always the overriding sincerity of the cause.

There were many bloody conflicts as the two sides fought with determination and purpose.

This book looks at over sixty major engagements. They are listed alphabetically and give the background history and then follow the course of the fight. Details of the principal troops and commanders are included with a map of the battlefield. Details of current facilities for visitors are also given.

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