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Combat Legend:- F-15 Eagle and Strike Eagle

By Steve Davies

ISBN: 9781840373776
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 16 pages colour photos & profiles, plus design plans & b/w photos through text

Originally designed by McDonnell Douglas, the airframe of the F-15 has proved to be one of the most versatile to be produced during the latter years of the Twentieth Century. The aircraft has proved itself to be an outstanding air superiority and interceptor fighter and in its Strike Eagle form, a world-beating all-weather ground-attack platform for a wide variety of sophisticated air-to-ground weapon systems.

The Eagle continues to play a key role wherever US and NATO forces are called upon and where control of the skies is an imperative part of the mission. The aircraft also serve with the air forces of Israel, Japan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

This is the perfect introductory book for the general reader, enthusiast and modeller alike wishing to find a succinct yet detailed introduction to the design and history of the F-15. Why was the aircraft conceived? What was it like to fly on a mission? Who were the people who designed it and became famous for flying it? What were its virtues and vices? These and many more questions are answered here, plus a host of illustrations that show variations of colour schemes used in different operational theatres and rare photographs taken when the heat was on.

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