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Norway 1940:- The Forgotten Fiasco

By Joseph Kynoch

ISBN: 9781840373806
PUBLISHED: October 2002
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 25 photographs, 8 maps

"Gripping story of the disastrous British attempt to block the German invasion of Norway in April 1940¥ First comprehensive account of this catastrophic operation" Written by someone who was there

Almost two-thousand British soldiers landed in Norway during the evening of 18 April 1940. On 2 May, one hundred and sixty three men were rescued by the Royal Navy from one of the most ill-planned operations of World War II.

Joseph Kynoch is one of the few soldiers who can still remember the campaign that first brought British troops into battle with Hitler's new army - an army blooded on the battlefields of Poland and well equipped with the most modern weaponry and supported by highly effective air cover.The North-west Expeditionary Force (Codename Sickleforce) was 1,000 men short when it set sail in two coasters for the 500 mile crossing of the North Sea. Two battalions set forth, Leicesters and Sherwood Foresters, and on landing they found much of their equipment had been misdirected or lost. The German Army Group Pellengahr was already established in Southern Norway, the western coastal towns and Trondheim in the North.When the British landed the Germans were already marching North to meet them, pushing the Norwegian Army backwards.

These were the first British troops to understand the word Blitzkrieg, but the British Expeditionary Force in France would suffer the same fate, albeit on a larger scale - and the town of Dunkirk would take on a new significance.

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