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Combat Legend:- B-24 Liberator

By Martin Bowman

ISBN: 9781840374032
PUBLISHED: February 2003
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 16 pages colour photos & profiles, plus design plans and b/w photos through text

* The most prevalent American aircraft built during WWII * Flown in more theatres of war by more air forces than any other four-engine bomber * Churchill used a Liberator named Commando when travelling to conferences with Allies around the world

This rugged and reliable heavy bomber served in the European, Mediterranean and Pacific theatres of World War II. More of this type were built than any other American aircraft during the war and it saw service in most combat zones. The US 8th and 9th Air Forces in Europe and North Africa flew the type on daylight raids and it served with forty-two RAF squadrons. In the Pacific its long-range was used to good effect against the Japanese.

Powered by four 1,200hp Double Wasp engines, the B-24 could carry a bomb load of 8,800 lb (3992 kg) at a cruising speed of around 270 mph. Its 1,700 mile range meant that it could be used on targets anywhere in occupied Europe and made it an ideal platform for maritime reconnaissance and attack. Winston Churchill used a single-fin Liberator named Commando when travelling to conferences with the Allies around the world.

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