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Vital Guide:- Air Aces Of WWII

By Robert Jackson

ISBN: 9781840374124
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 230x143 mm
INSIDE: 106 photographs

* Over 100 mini-biographies of Allied and Axis air aces of WWII * Comprehensive and concise volume listing all major aces

The conflict in the skies above the combat zones of World War II bred a new legion of heroes. Boys became men in weeks and many became commanders and leaders before the age of twenty-five.

These young pilots were flying for their lives on every dangerous sortie and in every type of aircraft. From the heavy bomber struggling to its target in the German Ruhr to the shipboard fighter fired into combat by a carrier's catapult in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, every pilot honed his skills to take on the enemy and survive.They were all brave men - but some have become legends. Pilots like Guy Gibson - leader of the famous Dam Buster's raid: Don Gentile - an ace in the Mustang fighter defending allied heavy bombers deep over enemy Europe; John Cat's Eyes Cunningham - top scoring night-fighter ace or Leon W. Johnson - leader of the low-level raid on Ploesti oil refinery complex in Romania.

These are some of the hundred heroes included in this compact reference to the history and record of allied and enemy aces of World War II.

RRP: £7.99

Site Price: £6.39

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