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Vital Guide:- Elite Troops Of WWII

By Jonathan Sutherland

ISBN: 9781840374254
PUBLISHED: April 2003
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 230x143 mm
INSIDE: 100 photographs

* Authoritative, concise reference to the Special Operations Units of WWII * Explains why special forces were created and details their operational histories and battle honours * Includes both Allied and Axis elite forces

Casualties many; Percentage of dead unknown; Combat efficiency; we are winning. Colonel David M. Shoup, US Marine Corps, Tarawa, 21 November 1943.

This message, sent in the heat of battle, sums up the dedication and esprit de corps found amongst the Marines, Commandos, Chindits, Desert Rats, Rangers and other special operation units that fought for the Allies throughout World War II. Axis forces too had specially selected forces; the names of many still bring shivers to the spine, for example Waffen SS and Kamikaze. Every nation that fought in that last great global conflict had units that specialised in shock tactics and clandestine operations.

This concise reference explains why these units were created, tells their operational histories and records their battle honours.

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