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Archery in Action: Bow Set-up, Tuning and Shooting

By Simon Needham

ISBN: 9781847970077
RUNNING TIME: 77 Minutes
TYPE: Single Disc

Successful archery depends on repeating a shot time after time: to do this, the bow must be set up correctly, and then tuned to the archer. This technical film explains a twelve-point process of setting up the bow. Simon puts a bow together, analysing each aspect that can affect the archer's accuracy. He then explains how to tune the bow to achieve the optimum match between the bow, the arrow and the archer, before advising on how to improve your shooting.

DVD Contents: Setting up the bow, Selecting the arrow length, Ready for tuning and Shooting Techniques

This DVD is a companion to his best-selling book Archery: The Art of Repetition, also published by The Crowood Press.

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Price: £14.99

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" Archery in Action is a great DVD if you're a recurve shooter. Particularly if you've got no other guidance. For less than the cost of a decent quality fingertab, you can learn to set up and use your archery equipment extremely effectively. Buy it and watch it. Several times. "
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