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Military Vehicle Modelling and Conversions: Techniques in Action

By Duncan Howarth

ISBN: 9781847970114
RUNNING TIME: 148 Minutes
TYPE: Double Disc

This double DVD explains the essential techniques needed to build a model military vehicle: how to achieve accurate detail in their construction, along with realistic painting and weathering affects. Emphasizing the importance of research into the real vehicles, Duncan Howarth builds four models, in 1/35th and 1/48th scales. He starts with straightforward plastic kit build, before embarking on an ideal starter conversion. He then completes an intermediate conversion and the simplified build of a resin kit. In the second disc, he explains painting and finishing techniques by completing the M4A1 Sherman.

DVD One: 12.8 Selbstfahrlafette 'Sturer Emil' Self-propelled Gun, M4A1 Sherman, SdKfz 251/18 half track.

DVD Two: Humber Armoured Car Mark 2, Painting and finishing, Extras.

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Price: £19.99

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