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Tin Hats to Composite Helmets - A Collector's Guide

By Martin Brayley

ISBN: 9781847970244
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 296x210 mm
INSIDE: 700 colour photographs

Tin Hats to Composite Helmets - A Collector's Guide brings together in a single volume the primary protective helmets of the world's military forces from 1915 to modern times. It traces the development of the helmet from the Great War French 'Adrian' through to the current American ACH composite helmet.

Included in this work is a selection of the helmet types worn by infantry, armoured vehicle crews, paratroopers and military motorcyclists as well as civil defence forces. Principal nations covered include France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, United States and many other countries including Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Iraq, Israel, Japan, South Africa and Yugoslavia.

With around 700 images of a vast range of helmets, this is an essential work for collectors and historians alike.

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