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Paramotoring From The Ground Up - A Comprehensive Guide

By Noel Whittall

ISBN: 9781847970534
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 244x184 mm
INSIDE: 95 colour photographs; 36 colour line drawings

Paramotoring is the ultimate form of personal powered flight. This is the aviation sport for everyone with a tight budget but a thirst to fly. A paramotor outfit doesn't demand airfields and hangars. It will fit in its owner's car and can be flown from fields smaller than football pitches. In many countries, including Britain, no licence is required.

Revised and updated for 2008, this book is a broad introduction to all aspects of this young sport. From inflating the wing to understanding an aviation chart, it deals step-by-step with all the skills and knowledge needed to fly safely and confidently. There is sufficient information here to provide a sound basis for acquiring a certificate of competency to fly paramotors in many countries.

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