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Successful Composite Techniques - A practical introduction to the use of modern composite materials 4th Edition

By Keith Noakes

ISBN: 9781847970541
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 274x214 mm
INSIDE: 113 black & white photographs; 95 line drawings; 12 charts

This book demonstrates that modern composite materials are well within the scope of those with even limited practical experience. The reader is guided through successful design solutions in Kevlar, glass-reinforced plastic, carbon fibre and other modern materials. The concise text and pictures are an invaluable source of reference for car and motorcycle constructors, boat builders, light aircraft designers and those at the leading edge of many other sports and hobbies.

This new edition includes information on thermoplastic composite materials, pre-preg tooling, compression moulding for wet lay-up laminations, resin casting and resin transfer moulding.

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