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Intermediate Shotokan Karate - Unravelling the Brown Belt and the First Black Belt Kata

By Ashley Croft

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ISBN: 9781847970787
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 590 colour photographs

The kata form an integral part of the karate training syllabus and act as templates through which the vast range of different moves can be practised, developed and perfected. This volume provides instruction in the intermediate kata required for grading from 3rd kyu through to 1st dan black belt. The kata covered are Tekki Shodan, Basai Dai, Ji'in, Jion, Jitte, Kanku Dai and Enpi. These kata are also a mandatory part of the black belt syllabus going forward through the higher dan grades. Alongside each kata, selected physical selected physical applications [bunkai] are provided for some of the moves to provide a more in-depth understanding.

Contents include: An explanation of the history of karate tracing its roots back to the early Chinese martial arts and to the Shaolin Temple An overview of some of the more frequently used pressure points with a description of their locations and angle of strike A detailed analysis of each kata with individual moves broken down and thoroughly explained Selected physical applications for each kata

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