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Cat Owner' s Veterinary Handbook

By John Bower

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ISBN: 9781847971289
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 206 colour photographs and diagrams

The Cat Owner's Veterinary Handbook covers all aspects of the cat in sickness and in health. It does not replace the vet but presents helpful advice on home treatments, where this is applicable, and informs the owner when to seek professional advice. Packed full of information, it will be invaluable to the millions of caring owners who regard their cat as 'one of the family'. It is written in plain, everyday language by an experienced veterinary surgeon who has been involved in the medical and surgical problems of the cat for over thirty-five years. The book includes two chapters concerning normal cat behaviour and behavioural problems which have been written by John's wife, Caroline, who is also a veterinary surgeon.

Topics include: The healthy cat in its wild and domesticated state Choosing a suitable kitten, how to care for it properly and how to avoid behavioural problems Common infectious diseases and parasites that affect cats, including problems that can arise when a cat is taken overseas All parts of the cat are examined from the digestive system through to the complicated endocrine [hormone] system Normal structure and function of each system is examined including the diseases and problems that can occur, and their symptoms and treatment Behavioural problems, first aid, accidents and emergencies, and the special feline ailments that can emerge in old age.

Foreword by Jim Wight

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Latest Reviews
" Written by a highly experienced veterinary surgeon who has dealt with a myriad of different cats in his years heading a large veterinary hospital, the handbook is crammed full of highly informative content. The reader is guided through different ailments in all parts of the cat, from common parasites to the nervous system. A description is given of each complaint, alongside the symptoms and possible methods of treatment.
The contributing chapters on normal behaviour provide a useful point of comparison for those times when you worry your cat might be under the weather, and provide reassurance as well. All in all, this book is invaluable for the conscientious cat owner. "
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Reviewed By: Pet Focus

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