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Using Tradesmen in France - A Practical Guide and Glossary for English-Speaking Homeowners

By Duncan Webster , Lesley Webster

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ISBN: 9781847971296
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 28 colour photographs

Properties in France, like properties everywhere, need maintenance and modernization. Periodically things go wrong and their owners face plumbing, electrical and other problems, some minor and others that could be classified as emergencies. If you do not speak French, or have only a rudimentary grasp of the language, then it can prove difficult to deal with these domestic situations.

It is written in a practical and easy-to-understand style and explains the roles of the various types of tradesmen, and the rules under which they operate legally. It presents advice on who to use for what, how to find them and approach for an estimate, what to expect before, during, and after the work is carried out, and how to deal with any problems. It also provides a comprehensive cross-referenced glossary of the technical terms that will be encountered during most household projects, and a selection of useful 'SOS' phrases that can be easily be referred to in times of domestic crisis.

This book is written by typical English-speaking homeowners in France who want to pass on the benefits of their extensive personal experience.

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