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Tactical Pike Fishing

By Mike Ladle , Jerome Masters

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ISBN: 9781847971395
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 112 colour photographs 11 diagrams

There are few angling encounters more exciting than the heart-stopping, golden-green flash of a big pike as it lunges, like lightning, to seize your bait. Tactical Pike Fishing describes the essential facts of pike behaviour and biology in a way that takes you right onto the muddy riverbank or reed-lined lakeshore. This fascinating book will provide you with lots of important facts and plenty of original ideas that will help you to catch more fish.

Topics covered include: Where you should put your bait and cast your lure The habitats favoured by pike and the results of scientific investigations on this and related matters Which waters are most likely to produce pike of differenct sizes and ages The natural history of the pike, its camouflage, muscle power, speed and what its needs and preferences are The prey on which the pike feeds and seasonal changes in the abundance and availability of prey The movements and migrations of pike Fascinating accounts and reminiscences of the capture of pike

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