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Lotus 78 and 79 - The Ground-Effect Cars

By Johnny Tipler

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ISBN: 9781847971432
PAGES: 216
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 170 black & white photographs 20 colour photographs 6 line drawings

The Lotus 78 was the car that started the ground effect revolution in Formula 1. By means of ducts and flexibile skirts, the air that passed under the car was used, literally, to suck it to the ground. It created a sensation and revived the british team's fortunes. Its succesor, the 79, was a true 'wing car', and beautiful too, though it made its debut in a field that had already been transformed by the 78.

John Tipler has spoken to the men- engineers, designers, drivers and mechanics - who were at the chalk face of this revolution and this new paperback edition is the fascinating result.

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