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Eskrima - Filipino Martial Art

By Krishna Godhania

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ISBN: 9781847971524
PUBLISHED: 20/05/2010
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 468 colour photographs and drawings

Eskrima, which is also known as Arnis [De Mano] or Kali, is the indigenous martial art of the Philippine Islands. Dynamic and flexible, with a wide range of training methods it can be practised by students of all ages and levels of fitness. Well known and respected as a highly practical weapons-based system, Eskrima is practised worldwide by civilians, law enforcement personnel and special units within the military. Eskrima uses training weapons [rattan sticks and daggers] from the earliest stages, alongside purely unarmed techniques. These training methods have been found particularly effective at increasing co-ordination and reflexes, providing a fast track to developing the qualities needed for practical self-defence.

This fascinating book traces the history and evolution of this art form. It highlights Eskrima's essential principles and concepts. The instructional section illustrates how the Eskrimador is able to succeed in a wide range of combat situations involving fighting with both weapons and open-hands. Techniques, two-person flow drills, self-defence applications, training with specialized equipment, the philosophy of the art and 'self-defence and the law' are all covered in depth.

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" This book is something of a landmark, being I think the first book published in the UK on the subject of Eskrima. And who better to author the book than one of UK Eskrima's most well-known figures? All in all an excellent book with a great history section at the beginning and a section on unusual weapons which I have not encountered in any of the other books I have read on the subject. "
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Posted By: Jon

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