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Windsor Chairmaking

By James Mursell

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ISBN: 9781847971548
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 260x215 mm
INSIDE: 270 colour illustrations

Windsor chairs are a beautiful and traditional feature in any home. Some three hundred years of tradition lie behind chairs made today. While sound joints are essential, it is the sensitive shaping of each component that leads to a fine chair. This lavish book celebrates their history and explains their heritage. It compares and contrasts the distinct Windsor designs from England and America.

Tools, techniques and the selection of materials are extensively covered. Detailed plans and measurements for four chairs [two English, two American] are provided and allow makers on one side of the Atlantic to attempt a chair from the other side. A unique study of a magnificent 18th century armchair brings to life the 260 year old story told by the tool marks and other clues left by the maker. Guidance and techniques explain how to design your own chair from scratch, taking into account the anthropomorphic nature of these chairs and the messages they can send out.

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Look inside this book!

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