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Torchon Lacemaking - A step-by-step guide

By Jan Tregidgo

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ISBN: 9781847972019
PUBLISHED: 24/09/2010
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 260x215 mm
INSIDE: 400 colour photographs & 280 line drawings

Torchon lacemaking is a textile art steeped in tradition - the skills required are often perceived to be beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. In this practical book, Jan Tregidgo describes those skills through a step-by-step guide and makes them accessible to all. She explains traditional techniques through a series of specially designed samplers, which can be worked in order by the beginner or in any order they choose by the more experienced. Although colour is not traditional in bobbin lace, it has been used here to great effect so the path of each thread can be clearly followed through the sampler.

Topics covered:

  • Essential equipment and materials described in detail
  • Traditional techniques fully explained through a sequence of specially designed samplers
  • Instructions for a super-beaded sampler
  • Advice on adapting and designing your own patterns
  • Guide to joining and mounting lace
  • Helpful troubleshooting hints
  • Information on suppliers and museums with lace collections

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E-Book Edition: £25.00 (incl. VAT)

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Latest Reviews
" Tregidgo, who has been teaching lace making for 20 years, provides an excellent, up-to-date overview for lace makers of all skill levels. All of the basics are described in detail, and a variety of lace projects, from beginner's samples to advanced pieces are provided. The author's enthusiasm for sharing the joys of lace making is apparent. Most library's bobbin lace books date from the 1970s, so this is a much-needed update. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Library Journal

" Torchon Lacemaking is an excellent, well planned book which will be a great help to many lacemakers, both those wishing to learn and those wanting to perfect their techniques. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: The Lacemaker

" This is a book that is 'just what it says on the tin' - a step-by-step guide to Torchon Lacemaking. A straightforward, logical and clearly written approach to a fascinating craft. The colour photographs and diagrams enhance the text and enable the student to readily see that they are working correctly. For beginners, experienced lacemakers and teachers it will be a valuable resource. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Workbox

" This is an excellent book, well thought-out and planned. The use of coloured threads is an eye-opener to beginners, helping them to follow the threads until the very moment when it 'clicks into place'. Then they wonder how/why they couldn't see it before. To have the pieces worked step-by-step or pin-by-pin in coloured thread and then to compare the same piece in white is very good. Everything you could possibly want to know is here.
A huge 'thank you' to the author for the infinite amount of time that she has gone through to bring out this book on lacemaking. Beginners or not, it should tempt even those who haven't thought about making lace. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Workshop On The web

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