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Reservoir Trout Flies - An Angler's Guide to Successful Fly Patterns

By Adrian Freer

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ISBN: 9781847972088
PUBLISHED: 23/11/2010
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 392 colour photographs

Without doubt, in the British Isles, reservoirs provide the best, and the most accessible and affordable opportunity for catching rainbow and brown trout with an artificial fly. In whatever part of the country you reside there will probably be at least one day-ticket reservoir close to your home that is stocked with trout. To be consistently successful, the angler will need not only to utilize a wide range of fishing techniques, but also to possess a comprehensive set of artificial flies to cater for every conceivable fishing situation.

The purpose of this comprehensive book is twofold. Firstly, to discuss the design and dressing of reservoir trout flies with a view to understanding how they actually appear to the trout. Secondly, to provide a reference guide to the most popular and successful reservoir fly patterns in use today.

Topics covered:

  • Discusses the design of artificial flies with supporting photographs showing their appearance and behaviour beneath the water
  • Presents the dressings of over 270 fly patterns divided into nymphs, wet flies, lures [including fly patterns], dry flies and emergers, and terrestrials
  • For ease of reference, a photograph of each fly, the dressing menu, a list of variants and comments on each individual pattern are all shown on the same page
  • Provides a comprehensive 'on the bench' reference handbook for both the amateur and professional fly tyer
  • Offers helpful advice to anglers contemplating tying their own flies for the first time

RRP: £19.95

Site Price: £15.96

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Latest Reviews
" We know Mr Freer from his previous works, a good, reliable chap who knows his fish, his fishing and his flies. He is frequent visitor to Eyebrook, where he has taken some splendid fish. He even has a photo of Andy Miller stocking a big trout. So we know we can depend upon his flies, that is, the flies he has already tied, shown in his book, and he tells you how you can tie them. "
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" The perfect complement to his earlier work, Freer has penned the perfect handbook for anyone looking to arm himself effectively for an assault on our reservoirs. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Trout Fisherman

" This wonderful book about reservoir trout flies by Adrian V W Freer is a must-read for anyone looking to improve as an angler and fly tyer. All the information you need is there on how to tie each pattern and, even better, how and when to fish with it. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Total Flyfisher

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