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Women's Soccer - A Guide to Coaching and Training

By Jane Haslam

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ISBN: 9781847972217
PUBLISHED: 07/12/2010
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 200 colour photographs

Since the year 2000 women's soccer has become more popular throughout the world and in the UK it is now the most important participation sport for women and girls, with a national network of leagues and clubs that cater for players of all levels and experience.

This invaluable book presents an overview of the women's game and will be helpful to all those seeking to improve their playing skills. Moreover, it provides those coaching female teams with important information that is directly relevant to the specific needs of their players. Women's Soccer is aimed at the experienced and inexperienced alike, and presents practical ideas for establishing an effective environment for female players.

This authoritative book covers the following and much more:

  • How the game is played and the attributes of the female player
  • The technical foundations such as ball mastery, passing, running and dribbling, heading, shooting and finishing
  • The principles of defence and attack
  • Goalkeeping, including footwork and movement, shot stopping, saving the ball, distribution, and dealing with crosses and high balls
  • How the game should be taught and how the coaching environment can be adjusted to fit the needs of the female player
  • The strategies and tactics that best suit female players
  • Physical fitness, medical issues, nutrition, and the mental game

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" The question of why you need a book aimed specifically at the fairer sex is answered with information directly relevant to the specific needs of those players and the teachers and coaches in charge of them.
Complete with 200 colour photographs, there are chapters on the attributes of the female player plus the skills, techniques, strategies and tactics that best suit girls and women of all ages. "
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Reviewed By: School Sport

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