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Starting Yoga - A Practical Foundation Guide for Men and Women

By Alan Bradbury

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ISBN: 9781847972415
PUBLISHED: 18/02/2011
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 275 colour photographs

Whether you are a complete beginner or have tried yoga in the past and wish to rekindle your interest, this invaluable, beautifully-illustrated book is the one for you. We all want to feel good about ourselves and yoga provides a way of realising our potential so that we can enjoy a full life. To be fit in body, steady in mind and strong in spirit are all attributes that build self-confidence and the inner strength to cope with all complexities of life. It is the author's firm belief that the practice of yoga has a subtle influence on improving the quality of our lives.

In Starting Yoga, the author, Alan Bradbury, in his gentle and elegant way, invites you to take up the challenge of yoga and to see where it takes you. He presents a step-by-step guide to classical yoga postures and individual chapters cover getting started, good posture, standing and seated poses, and backbends and twists. Other chapters teach you how to relax, how to breathe efficiently and how to incorporate the bandhas [the chin lock, the root lock and the stomach lift] in order to help eliminate the obstacles to that 'feel-good factor' we all search for. As you become fitter, stronger and more alive you will come to understand some of the nuances that make yoga so special.

"This book achieves the correct balance between the beginner's need for simplicity, clarity and guidance and the need for accessibility and loyalty to the traditional philosophical elements of yoga." Dr Alberto Albeniz, Consultant Psychiatrist

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Latest Reviews
" Although Starting Yoga is an excellent guide for beginners, standing them in good stead for their continuing study of yoga in all its forms, the more experienced student will find it refreshing and insightful and as a result of using the book may discover further depth to his/her existing practice. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: British Wheel of Yoga News South East

" Choosing a book for its cover can often disappoint, but Alan Bradbury's Starting Yoga: A Practical Foundation Guide for Men and Women fulfils all the promise of its tasteful and fascinating cover. Could I stand on one leg with my arms in the air? Could I achieve the positions held by these graceful models? In his introduction, Dr Bradbury explains that there is much more to yoga than exercises or postures. Yoga helps to make one fitter in mind and body, to achieve a better physical and mental balance and to become steady and focused in a noisy, stressful world. Yoga, he tells us, is for every individual to enjoy and progress in their own time and ability. In a culture where winning and being best is all important, I find this philosophy particularly attractive. As the author suggests, it is important to read through the book first and gradually come to understand the principles of yoga practice, carefully explained, so that one can then make a start with some confidence. A comparative beginner, I found the instructions thorough, the photographs precise and the cautions and modifications helpful and easy to understand. The final chapter, giving a summary of the postures covered and recommendations for how often they should be performed, is especially useful. I find that following the book on my own is best for concentration but it is good sometimes to share yoga with another or others. When my daughter and I lie down to do our yoga her cat lies down between us and does his stretches too. "
Review Type: Customer
Posted By: Judy Ison

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