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Painting Portraits

By Anthony Connolly

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ISBN: 9781847972644
PUBLISHED: 21/10/2011
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 280x220 mm
INSIDE: 180 colour illustrations

Portrait painting is inherently difficult and requires a unique understanding of and sensitivity to the sitter. This practical book considers the historical context of portrait painting and its contemporary practice. Written by a professional portrait painter, it describes the intricacies of making a portrait not just for the technically minded but also for those who are interested in a painter's perspective on the role and importance of portraiture.

  • Step-by-step demonstrations of portraits and self-portraits
  • Techniques that use colour to introduce subtleties and presence
  • Advice on catching a likeness and overcoming difficulties
  • Discussion about the significance of copying and photography
  • Insights into the artistic process of the portrait painter
  • Work of contemporary and distinguished painters

'What fascinates me most, much much more than anything else in painting, is the portrait, the modern portrait.' Vincent van Gogh

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" Into the beginning of the book, Mr. Connolly placed some examples of portraiture, some historical and well-known, some not so well-known, together with his thoughts on portrait making, art and craftsmanship. I do believe that he respects a high level of skill as much as I. At the same time, I'm positive he's alluding to disappointment in some of what passes as art these days. Right away, that established a feeling of kinship between this reader and the author.
I reached the back cover too soon, some questions still unanswered. But lo and behold. 'Further Reading'. I suppose he listed his recommendations of other books. Yet another reason to thank this author. "
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