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Insulating Your House - A DIY Guide

By Andy McCrea

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ISBN: 9781847972668
PUBLISHED: 01/09/2011
PAGES: 192
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 200 colour photographs

Our dependence on fossil fuels is at an all-time high and for economic and environmental reasons it is vitally important that we save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. This book is essential reading for all those homeowners who wish to properly insulate their properties in order to save energy, permanently reduce fuel bills and increase the comfort of their homes. The author emphasizes the 'do-it-yourself' elements of house insulation and provides readers with information to take the practical steps that will make them significant financial savings.

  • Demonstrates the opportunities for real financial savings that insulation can provide year on year
  • Emphasizes why insulation is such a good idea and discusses the main areas of the house that lose heat, concentrating on the building fabric
  • Describes the tools, special clothing, materials and techniques that are required for DIY house insulation
  • Explains why refurbishments, repairs or extensions all offer the opportunity to introduce insulation into your home
  • Examines the Building Regulations, which set the quality, best practice and safety standards for home improvements and construction work
  • Reviews the range of insulation materials that can be used, from natural substances such as hemp and sheep's wool, to mineral insulation such as glass wool, polystyrene and phenolic foam
  • Considers the DIY opportunities to reduce the heat lost through external walls and through floors and roofs
  • Demonstrates how heat is lost through draughts and ventilation and suggests some DIY jobs to minimize this
  • Discusses energy-efficient glazing and potential savings by installing double and triple, gas-filled, high-efficiency glazing systems
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    Latest Reviews
    " McCrea's approach is very practical, guiding you through the whole process, including what to wear and what tools to get.
    The scale and detail of this DIY guide is particularly appropriate for readers wishing to undertake a comprehensive upgrade rather than a last minute, weekend, project. "
    Review Type: Press
    Reviewed By: SelfBuild & Improve Your Home

    " The book is easy to read and provides a practical step-by-step approach to insulating a property. The author has a lot of experience in this area and the book is a valuable DIY guide for those wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their home and make financial savings. "
    Review Type: Press
    Reviewed By: Letting Update journal

    " There is a considerable amount of very useful information contained within the various chapters. "
    Review Type: Press
    Reviewed By: Building Engineer

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